Janet Bernson  

Transformative Art


Stepping into my world as an artist.

I’ve been a closeted artist for most of my life. That is to say, until very recently I’ve not displayed my art to anyone other than friends visiting my home.  My moniker “The Healing Artist” has put me in a precarious spot, for I have been, for many years, facilitating creativity and personal transformation workshops (you can read more about me at www.thehealingartist.com) to empower others.

Of course art is who I am and it has indeed empowered me through the most difficult times. It was only after my beloved partner Max Middleton passed into the Great Beyond in 2012, did I fully realize I had put my own creative exploration on the back-burner of my artistic hob.  

I have thought long and hard about my self-imposed exile and have now decided to pursue my art seriously. Correction, I am focusing on my art with humor and persistence!

Years ago an acquaintance offered a tidy bit of cash for my small sculpture of the goddess on her throne nursing a child with the world at her feet. I was so timid about my work at the time I could not part with my creation. I still keep it as a reminder.

No more is that the case - now I’ve got artistic balls and am willing to let go of my creations (except for the aforementioned sculpture- there is so much more inside me I frankly need the space inside my studio!

Please also take a look at my other website for expressive arts classes.


Mother Universe, 1990

7" long x 6" wide by 3" tall

Reclaimed picture frame, acrylic, plastic clay, pearls from oysters I ate.

Many thanks to Marylou Sandler

for the pix of me !